The Majestic Microblader

Other than lash extensions, eyebrow maintenance has become the biggest deal to help cut down daily make-up time and micro-blading is the newest solution to thin, sparse eye brows. Yes, micro-blading is a tattoo but there is a difference between that ankle butterfly you got on your 18th birthday and the facial tattoo sweeping the beauty industry. With micro-blading, hair-like strokes are made with a handheld tool instead of a machine.   The strokes mimic the natural hairs in your own eyebrows. It can help fill in gaps, define or add drama to your natural eyebrows. Although the ink is still implanted under the skin, it’s not as deep as that ankle tattoo, making it more semi-permanent, but still saving you from the time it takes to draw your joker brows on in the morning.


For the most part, a topical numbing crème is used to help numb the area, but the pain is still relative to the person. The procedure takes approximately one to two hours as the strokes are done one by one. There is no down time but some patients may experience redness and itching the first week. Vaseline usually helps with that.


Sherri at Sherri Permanent Makeup in Koreatown is probably the best in Los Angeles when it comes to micro-blading. She is also half the price of people with a lot less experience than she has. As a lash technician, I have sent multiple clients to her over the past couple of years and have seen her work close up. So, last week, I had the service done myself. My left brow was thinner than my right and both had gaps that needed to be filled in. While I failed to take my “before” picture, my brows after the one hour service (including numbing) were remarkably perfect.

“I follow the natural lash line and try not to change that,” she says. “Otherwise it doesn’t blend with the natural hairs and you can tell it is a tattoo.” Though she does other permanent make-up in her studio as well, Sherri’s eyebrows are a must try if you have considered doing something professionally about your brow line. The initial cost includes a two-week check-in where she can add or adjust anything client’s aren’t stoked about.

Touch-ups are done every six months as the color fades, like any tattoo, depending on your skin type. Some clients can go much longer. Though the procedure, for me, was painful enough to make my eyes water, it was nothing that couldn’t be handled and since most of our hour was spent numbing, the actual pain was only about 15 minutes. I consider it well worth it since I have been able to throw out my brow pencils and even worked out the same day.


by Bylle Breaux