Down to Dermaplane?

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Anyone interested in self-care, anti-aging and dewy skin will eventually come across Dermaplaning, the procedure that Los Angelenos swear by.

Dermaplaning is a procedure that uses a fine surgical blade (scalpel) to exfoliate the top layer (epidermis) and rid the skin of peach fuzz. But, how is it different than just shaving your face? According to skin professionals in Los Angeles, there is a big difference. Shaving your face with a store bought razor will only cause the hairs to grow back stubbly, especially if the hair is already dark or course. With dermaplaning, the skin is prepped and the hairs are softened. Because a surgical scalpel is used, the blade is much finer and it is used at a 45-degree angle, leaving the hairs with a softer edge when they grow back.


Dermaplaning is best for clients who with unwanted facial hair and whom are interested in fierce anti-aging benefits. Women over 40 have collagen depletion of up to 20% that naturally occurs with hormonal aging. 80% of that loss happens in the dermis (top layer) of the skin, so a procedure that stimulates collagen production on a regular basis can have gorgeous results. Women under 40 may find the treatment too much for them and can have a negative reaction because they still have a high level of collagen production.

Because dermaplaning is considered an invasive procedure in California, it needs to be done in a medical spa or physician’s office for the practitioner to be properly licensed and for you to be protected. At Ma Maison de Beaute, a medical spa in Los Angeles operating under the direction of Dr. David Rosenberg, clients can be treated with a custom facial, which includes dermaplaning. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged under steam for 20 minutes, and then extractions are done as needed. After the dermaplaning, a peel of lactic acid and green tea is applied for 3 minutes, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Following this is a hydrating, nourishing mask applied for 15 minutes. Customized serums are then massaged into the skin according to the client’s needs and the face is hydrated and moisturized. Practitioners have recommended four to six weeks between treatments for best results.


Personally, I’ve been getting this treatment done at Ma Maison for over six months and I couldn’t be more pleased with how great my skin looks and feels. To book an appointment, call 310-385-0643.

by Bylle Breaux