Sinful Sunspots

California girls have always had a love-hate relationship with our precious sun, and it can be a burden non-Cali women don’t get. While New Yorkers can pull off a vampire costume as fashion, bikinis and aviators are our kind of our thing. And because we are so damn lucky, our skin sometimes pays the price. No matter how many floppy hats we buy or how much sunscreen we lather on, we will eventually see one of those sinful sunspots in our mirror staring back at us.

It is no surprise that lasers are also kind of our thing. Laser technology continues to be a leading method for diminishing the look of pre-mature aging and environmental damage. Visible, quick results in eliminating unsightly sunspots can be done with laser light treatments and these treatments are powerful alternatives to peels and microdermabrasion with no downtime. These simple procedures have minimal discomfort, are non-invasive and show visible results after one treatment.

Cindy Kokesch, PA at Ma Maison De Beaute in Beverly Hills favors the Cynosure machine for sunspots. She has ten years of experience with the procedure and recommends the treatment for most all clients with the exception of darker skin types. The reason for this is because the laser detects the contrast between the skin and the spot, so the closer the colors are together, the more difficult for the laser to detect. The machine works through wavelengths of laser light targeting melanin, creating a small lesion. The lesion then absorbs the heat from the laser turning it even darker. The area crusts up and falls off the skin, removing any appearance of said lesion. An added benefit is improved collagen production in the surrounding tissue, which can improve the texture of the skin.


Pain is prevented through a tissue cooling device which continuously blows cold air at the site of the laser pulse so that the client feels the cold instead of the heat. Basically, it feels like a rubber band popping on the skin and small areas can be treated in under one minute. Once the laser stops, there is no pain.

Post-treatment, it takes about 20 minutes to see the slightly darker spot on the treated area and can take up to a few weeks for the discoloration to slough off. Sunscreens must be worn and the treated area should always be protected and moisturized.

Staying out of the sun at least four weeks prior to your appointment is best and when you do have to be in the sun, an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended.

by Bylle Breaux