War with Cellulite?

While 90% of women over the age of 30 battle with cellulite, this magic little machine has made things much smoother for those of us who already practice a disciplined lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Cellulite affects 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men at some point in their life. Something so common seems like it should be more acceptable but until that happens in a land and time far, far away, there is a little soldier to help us in our battle, know as the Venus Legacy®.

Decreased circulation happens as estrogen leaves us and as a result, women start to see cellulite anywhere from ages 25 to 35, especially in industrialized nations where we have much lower vitamin C and magnesium intakes. When the fat cells in those areas start to become larger, the bumpy appearance on the skin known as cellulite takes shape as it protrudes through the collagen, which we also produce less of as we age, making the fight even harder.

Radio Frequency machines have been safely used for decades in medical spas for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles but the Venus Legacy® takes this concept to a new level on the war with cellulite. Because our bodies produce less collagen as we age and we start to store more fat, it shows up in unsightly forms. The machine uses heat to help break down fat cells, boost collagen and tighten skin.


Diana Podeanu, owner of Ma Maison de Beaute in West Hollywood, has been working with the machine for a few years. Last year, she was featured in the Academy Award edition of Vanity Fair magazine for the skin tightening results the machine provides on the face and neck, but there is another great reason to be in love with the Venus Legacy®. It is a superhero against that villain known as cellulite! She says the difference in Venus Legacy® and other cellulite treatment machines is the Varipulse™ technology. “It is a pulsating suction feature that can be adjusted by the technician and works to pull the skin upward, allowing for the radio frequency to move deeper. It stimulates the bodies own healing response when there is a thermal reaction in the tissue,” she says. According to her and Jessi Collins, another Venus Legacy® technician at Ma Maison, the result is increased collagen and tighter, firmer skin. It also helps stimulate ongoing, healthy circulation and new elastin fibers are also formed, which helps with the look of the aging skin.

The Venus Legacy® can be used on anyone who wants to get offensive ground on their battle with cellulite, and it can be used on all colors of skin since there are no lasers involved. Most patients take 6-8 treatments but this depends on the area being treated and how long the cellulite has been in that place. The treatment can be comfortable to mildly painful for some, but it takes under an hour with no down time. For those who already work hard to care for their bodies, meaning they exercise and try to limit cellulite-inducing foods, the treatment works wonders. The difference from week to week is noticeable and the youthfulness of the skin is noticeable after only a few treatments. Clients should drink plenty of water every day after the treatment and between weekly sessions to maximize the effect.


by Bylle Breaux